SHED Overwhelm 4-Step Process

Join me for SHED Overwhelm, my guidebook to letting go of what is no longer serving you in order to gain health, lose weight, and not burn out.


With assistance from a thought-provoking, downloadable workbook, my SHED Overwhelm videos, a series of easily manageable modules, and a loving kick in the ass, you will have the opportunity to move the needle on your life in the best direction possible and learn to make time and space for yourself.


It’s so important to me that you take advantage of this program that I am offering it to you at no cost. That’s right. SHED Overwhelm is the exact course I teach in the SHED Master’s program and it’s free to you, friend.


I’m also including a complimentary mini-consultation with me because I want to get a chance to check in with you, personally.
you and I both know something needs to change
woman sitting on a bed with coffee and feeling overwhelmed
How many mornings do you find yourself sitting on the edge of your bed, damp towel draped around you, staring into space? You’re trying to muster the strength and desire to get up, but you can hear the kids arguing down the hall, and your husband is asking you, for the fifth time, where he left his keys.


Your phone keeps vibrating as your staff blows up your inbox with requests. Already. The sun is hardly over the horizon! You don’t even know where to begin.


You manage to get up and get dressed, but you realize you forgot to shave one of your legs in the shower because your mind is so.incredibly.full. of everything you have to do.


Wonderful…this will be one more distraction for you in your day.


Your to-do list has a to-do list, and you are heavy-sighing before you even get to the office because you wish, for once, that you could take a week off to catch some sun on the beach, but this whole damn thing would fall apart without you running it.


What’s that line in the Lorde song? “…I throw my cellular device in the water/Can you reach me? No you can’t.” If only.
Girl you are overwhelmed
You know this…I don’t have to define it for you. You probably want to scream into a pillow or get in the car and just drive away.


Come sit next to me and take a deep breath. I get it. I’ve been there, and I have a solution to this ongoing issue that never gets better. Let’s work together on this before it gets worse.


I can’t take away all of your responsibilities because they are always going to be there, especially as a high-performing, successful woman. BUT! I can help you learn to prioritize.


Seriously. I know you think you have that part figured out, too, but let’s be real. Feeling like you’re drowning isn’t how you should live this amazing life you’ve worked so hard to build.


I will walk you through my tried-and-true playbook to get this ironed out. It will all start to make sense.
This course is transformative in the best possible way.


I created it for the busy, overwhelmed, overdoing women that need a system so they don’t burn out.


What you’ll learn here is the formula for creating the weight, shape, size, and health you desperately want, but can’t seem to get.


It’s the foundation for structuring your time to create MORE time…for yourself, your family, your career, and your life.


I promise you, it’s a game-changer because I could bet a million dollars on the fact that you prioritize everything and everyone first over yourself. Most women do this very same thing.


Remember when Saturday morning yoga with the girls used to be non-negotiable?  With the kid’s soccer schedule, playdates, your husband’s work travel, and catching up on laundry, you’re lucky to see them once or twice a year!


And when was the last time you got your nails donewithout checking your messages and responding between coats?  Because as an entrepreneur, if you miss a call, you miss a sale!


How about something as simple as getting a good night’s sleep? You know how important that is, but your career demands your attention almost 24/7. Being the boss has its perks, but it also has its costs.
I have news for you: if you prioritize yourself, everything gets better.


I know, I know. That runs counterintuitive to how you feel and your past experience, but I challenge you to follow me.


It’s time to SHED Overwhelm!
You have nothing to lose and yourself to gain.

Let That Shit Go!

☆ I know it’s scary to let go of some of our control over things. What you’ve done so far in life has created a well-oiled machine in your home and in your career.


Things happen…because you do them.

Your kids are perfectly pressed and dressed because you do the laundry and choose their outfits.
Your husband gets his ass to the gym because you remind him that he needs to get there to avoid a dad bod.
The house is sparkling because you rush around, polishing it until it shines.
Your investment funds are getting amazing returns because you’ve done the research on where to put your hard-earned money.


I could go on, but you know what I mean. It’s all on you.


But why does it have to be that way? Surely you chose your life partner because he was kickass in his own right. And you brought your staff on because you knew they would make your business thrive. I bet you could hire some help around the house to give yourself some room to breathe.


You don’t have to do it all!


What’s on the other side of letting go and SHED Overwhelm? Peace. Happiness. Joy. HEALTH! The ability to become who you are fully meant to be as a mom, as a wife, as a friend, as a boss. You can have it all without putting your thumb print on every tiny piece of the puzzle. For real.

An Overwhelming Life Creates Underwhelming Health

With all of the demands on your time and attention, it’s no wonder you walk around with a racing heart, a spinning mind, and butterflies in your stomach. 


That’s anxiety.


And it tells you that you have to do more, be more…for everyone.


Sure, some anxiety is a good motivator. It means you care and want to do well. And you do. You’re kicking ass all over the place, but you’ve lost yourself somewhere in the process.


Even more than that, your body is creating stress hormones in response to too much anxiety, and it’s affecting you in so many ways. High blood pressure, extra weight that won’t budge, and the ultra-fun anxious stomach complete with extra trips to the bathroom…just to name a few.


Figuring out where your priorities really lie and then backing away from other things will help bring your anxiety level down. 
It can be done!
busy woman
Rachel, owner of Whole Woman Health sitting in a chair
Figuring out where your priorities really lie and then backing away from other things will help bring your anxiety level down. 

I will guide you through SHED Overwhelm to move you beyond where you are now to a place where you’re open to new possibilities because you will make space for you.


I learned all of these lessons the hard way, and I decided I didn’t want to live like this anymore.


You don’t have to, either. That’s what I’m here for, to guide you to find some ease in life.
I have developed a four-step plan to determine what really matters to you…and what can either be let go or delegated to someone else.

I want to walk you through this process because I know that you can become even more than what you are today. You’re amazeballs, and I want you to invest time–real time–into yourself.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you.


We are going to spend an entire week on each of the pillars so there’s no need to feel rushed.


You’ll have plenty of time to go through each one at your own pace.


We take it slow and strive for done, not perfect.


You’re going to lean on the community to keep you going when you get sucked back into overwhelm.


I’m going to coach you during the live calls to help you through any struggles.


You’ll begin to make micro changes to keep you motivated and inspired to keep going.


By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the system and will be on your way to feeling calmer, more productive, and having a balanced life.

→ She was burning the candle at both ends by working a full-time corporate job AND building her own business after hours.

→ Her health decreased while her weight increased.

→ She had daily headaches, constant fatigue, digestive issues, and zero libido.

→ Adding one more thing to her plate would have sent her over the edge and she knew it.

→ Something had to change and that change started with taking the SHED Overwhelm course.

Then her life changed.

→ She became the CEO of her life and her health.

→ She uses the tools daily in her business, at work, and with her health and it shows.

→ She’s lost weight.

→ Hasn’t had a migraine in 6-months.

→ Has learned the art of delegating.

→ Honors her boundaries.

She is living a more fulfilled, happy, healthy life!


Experience this for yourself and join the SHED Overwhelm course.
start shedding overwhelm today
“I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted with everything in life…that actually might be an understatement!
Between constantly juggling my demanding schedule of 2 very busy kids, a career-driven husband, a caregiver to my parents & in-laws, and running a successful business, I was VERY burnt out and frazzled. I was always torn, felt I was always ‘busy’ and never had time for myself or the things I wanted to do. I would tell myself “well…I guess this is my life and I will just have to live in constant chaos!” – – – WRONG!
After completing and mastering the SHED Overwhelm course I have uncovered time for the actual priorities in my life (and yes, I now have time to prioritize self-care, exercise, self-development and downtime!). I feel more in control of my life, schedule, obligations and commitments. Rachel’s 4-D methodology has reduced overwhelm and created success in my personal life and in my business! Rachel breaks down overwhelm, the mindset process and prioritizing obligations to a science- I became very intentional with my time!
I would HIGHLY recommend this course to any overwhelmed, busy, burnt-out woman, mother, business owner…really anyone! It was very affordable, easy to understand & keep up with and I am appreciative I have the knowledge and tools to use in my day-to-day life.”

~Nicole W.

“I was looking to get my life under control at a time when everything felt very much out of control. Since “everything” included myself, my exercise, and my nutrition I sought out a place that could help me with all of those areas of my life. Rachel’s SHED Overwhelm program exceeded my expectations and I loved working with Rachel. She has changed my thought process which has changed my life. I feel I have a much better & stronger grasp on my life, schedule, priorities, health, exercise and weight. I understand the thought patterns and behaviors that prevented my success in the past and feel I am moving forward with intentional behavior. The team at Whole Woman Health are top notch and care very much for their clientele. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Rachel.”

~Kimber L.

“Want the most caring and constructive kick in the tush you’ll ever receive? Look no further than coaching with Rachel. She will partner with you in every way to dig deep and uncover what you really want out of life and devise realistic ways to support you in achieving it. I began my coaching journey with Rachel generally pleased with my life, feeling a little “meh,” and wanting to do something about it, but not really knowing where to start. Rachel met me where I was with compassion, and supported me in rewriting the scripts and thought patterns I’d come to believe about myself. In working with Rachel, I’ve discovered goals and dreams I was unable to recognize when I was ‘buying into’ the negative thoughts and assumptions I ascribed to myself. Most importantly, Rachel teaches the act of self-accountability. She’s no savior here, folks; she makes darn sure that I recognize the results I see in front of me are in direct correlation with the work I’ve done, and will continue to do. Best of all, she does this with her signature humor and no-nonsense delivery, living the lesson that we should never work so hard that we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves while discovering who we’re truly meant to be. She is a true partner in life, and working with her has easily been the best decision I’ve made when I chose to begin actively investing in myself.”

~Chelsea L. F