What is Functional Health?

It’s a relatively new term for sure. So don’t feel weird if you’re not exactly sure what it means. In short, functional health is a systems, biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of dis-ease by examining the whole person.

Traditional Medicine Functional Health
Disease Focus Acute Chronic
Considerations Pain Genetics, environment, habits, lifestyle
Focus Absence of pain Feeling healthy in life
Question What’s happening now? What’s been happening across your life
Goal Fix Understand and hypothesize
Approach Western Western, along with integrative practices

Think about it this way.

Traditional health care is transactional, focusing only on the current issue. But the truth is your health doesn’t just happen today. It’s an amalgamation across time–your past issues, your exposure to toxins, your trauma, your beliefs and much more.

These are problems that we literally live ourselves into.

In addition, while medicine has a strong history of treating infectious diseases–and thank goodness it does–we now suffer more from lifestyle-driven diseases.

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