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“Rachel is an incredible nutritionist to work with….and I AM a nutritionist, myself! With her laser-focused approach to isolating the exact hormonal issues I had been experiencing (which no Dr. had been able to do) and a simple, doable customized plan for how to rebalance, I am feeling better than ever. Lost the stubborn weight that wouldn’t budge before, sleeping better, way more focused in my workday and energy is through the roof. SO grateful for Rachel and her program! Truly the best investment I have made in a very long time.”
~Andrea N.

our protocol and approach is different

Intake process

1. We start with an intake process with a practitioner who REALLY listens to you and understands what you are experiencing. That, in combination with lab testing, provides a comprehensive picture of the root cause(s) of your dis-ease.

individualized support protocol

2. Using what we learned in step one, we create an individualized support protocol using nutrition as the foundation.

implementation through coaching psychology

3. Finally, we facilitate implementation through coaching psychology – we help you understand your habits and behaviors and develop the tools to change.

“Rachel is amazing! I loved the weekly Zoom meetings, she came prepared to engage in a thoughtful manner, creating space for each member to participate. She was also straightforward with problem-solving and cutting through excuses. I enjoyed my weight loss and inches lost during the slim program. More importantly, the skills to prioritize my life have stuck with me. I participated in January of 2023 and did the food allergy testing – this piece of scientific information has helped me make good choices over the past 7 months. I’d love to participate in the 90-day course when my schedule can better accommodate the meetings and weekly works.”
~ Olivia S.

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