What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition therapy complements functional health by focusing on the whole body, including (but not limited to) the digestive, immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems. It considers how each individual system responds to eating habits, and how they work together for optimal health. Based on these considerations, nutrition therapists create a plan for support based on the unique human rather than the health condition.

Let us be clear: There is no “one size fits all!”

The next step is diagnostic laboratory testing to determine what’s REALLY going on in that body of yours. With this data, we focus on a health plan specific to you, saving you time and eliminating confusion. We don’t guess, we test!
Then, moving into the health coach role, a nutritional therapist teaches you critical elements of self care, goal-setting, and habits, often uncovering limiting beliefs or past trauma which contributes to your current condition. We hold space for this, helping you to see and understand yourself from a new perspective. We guide. We support. And we ensure you move toward sustainable change.

“For the past 3 years, I’ve been dealing with food sensitivities and intolerances that have affected my GI, weight, mood, and energy levels. After working with 4 other nutritionists that took an unsuccessful and cookie-cutter approach, I finally found my savior with Rachel. She took the time to understand me, what I was hoping to gain from our partnership, and also the unique make-up of my biochemistry by analyzing past labs I’d done. Her personalized and customized approach to nutrition, coaching and training not only helped me realize my pitfalls and how to overcome them but also how to make manageable changes that ultimately turned into habits. If you’ve been struggling with diet, exercise, and food sensitivities or even find yourself in a life-lull – I highly recommend reaching out to Rachel! She’s truly amazing!!”

~ Darren K. 

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our protocol and approach is different

Intake process

1. We start with an intake process with a practitioner who REALLY listens to you and understands what you are experiencing. That, in combination with lab testing, provides a comprehensive picture of the root cause(s) of your dis-ease.

individualized support protocol

2. Using what we learned in step one, we create an individualized support protocol using nutrition as the foundation.

implementation through coaching psychology

3. Finally, we facilitate implementation through coaching psychology – we help you understand your habits and behaviors and develop the tools to change.

If you’re ready to feel good again,
you’re in the right place.

“I highly recommend More Than Weight Loss! Not only is Rachel extremely knowledgeable, but she is a great listener, and takes a holistic approach. If you are considering seeing a nutritionist who truly cares about and understands the big picture, look no further!”

~ Christopher B.