Think you’ve been tested before? Think again.

Blending Eastern and Western clinical and medicinal traditions, our specialists provide laboratory testing which discovers the root cause of your issues rather than the symptoms you’re experiencing. 

We send a testing kit to you at your home.

You complete the test at your convenience and follow shipping instructions.

You and your Whole Woman Health practitioner convene to discuss the results and formulate your plan.

We dive deep from the beginning. No guessing. No assuming. No waiting and seeing.

What’s so special about our tests?

  • They serve both clinical and functional testing and everything in between
  • They go deeper than traditional labs like traditional thyroid, cholesterol and hormone to provide a more comprehensive picture of your health 
  • They are based on your individual body’s needs instead of demographic averages
  • They can offer an alternative perspective on your condition
  • They provide a behind-the-scenes view of your body

The tests we offer

“Rachel and her team at More Than Weight Loss do fantastic work! They focus on helping you as an individual with specific needs. I have worked with Rachel, and the long-term results and tools she helps to build are effective. They focus on empowering you to make the best decision for your goals, and make working together exciting and fun.” 

~Sarah B.

If you’re ready to feel good again,
you’re in the right place.