Here’s the part you should know: Rachel is an outstanding coach and leader. She is sympathetic while still calling you out on your excuses. She’s smart and understanding and knows where you’ve been and where you want to go. And even if you are resisting getting there, Rachel will make sure you continue forward either with baby steps or in big giant leaps.

The program is not easy, but if you want to have the tools you can use to spend the rest of your life understanding how to succeed with your health and more, working with Rachel will get you the results you’re looking for.


Rachel and More Than Weight Loss have changed the way that I approach how I eat. I went from being fatigued with significant joint pain to understanding what I should eat for my body based on a scientific method. Her method is smart and holistic. I am so happy I did the SHED Program.


I have spent the past month doing Rachel’s SHED program. It has been an interesting journey. This is not a typical detox program. The weekly coaching calls were enlightening and extremely thought-provoking. The recipes were delicious and I never felt deprived despite pausing several foods. I feel better and am looking forward to learning more.


Rachel and The SHED Program have improved my life drastically. Rachel has spent the past four months helping me to get to the root causes of why I feel exhausted, frustrated, and burned out, not only physically but also emotionally. She uses lab work and her nutritional expertise to help build a plan to fuel your body in the right ways to help you reach your goals. Rachel gets to know her clients and spends time each week coaching us through the ins and outs of life. She has helped me to get out of my own way through coaching and calling me out on my excuses. I would highly recommend Rachel, The SHED, and More Than Weight Loss.


I have lost over 20 lbs. and over 26 inches! After completing the 3-month SHED program with Rachel as our coach, all I can say is ‘wow’. What an eye-opening, growth-encouraging, inspiring process the past 3 months have been. Despite working out with a trainer and doing intense cardio workouts, I could NOT lose weight for the past 5-6 years. Talk about frustrating. In comes SHED and it has changed my life.

The combination of nutritional support, diagnostic testing, and weekly coaching sessions was a magic formula for me. Especially the coaching.

Rachel is not just a nutrition coach, but she facilitates life coaching, she provides a complete rearrangement of any mindset or emotional auto-response that we have been mired in preventing us from reaching our goals.

It is hard work, but it is worth it and you come away with so much more self-awareness, hope, and tools/skills to make your best life.

Really, you deserve to put yourself first and take a leap into this amazing program.


I was looking to get my life under control at a time when everything felt very much out of control. Since “everything” included myself, my exercise, and my nutrition I sought out a place that could help me with all of those areas of my life. Whole Woman Health exceeded my expectations and I love working with Rachel. She has changed my thought process which has changed my life. All of the coaches I have interacted with at Whole Woman Health are top-notch and care very much for their clientele. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Rachel.


I’ve been dealing with digestive disorders for the past several years and was feeling hopeless after being wrongfully diagnosed and unsuccessfully treated by several other practitioners, doctors, and nutritionists. Then I met Rachel! She took a completely different approach than everyone else I ever met with. She first spent time learning about how I was feeling and what I was dealing with. She then suggested comprehensive testing that got to the root cause of my issues without extraneous time nor effort. Finally, she worked with me over time to further hone into my specific biochemistry, the supplements that would support my overall health and provided me the tools for self-regulation to ensure I didn’t fall back into sabotaging behavior that got me unwell in the first place. It has been 2 years since I wrote my first review and now feel I need to update it. I did fall back and sabotaged my eating behaviors. I have done 2 SHED pro-grams since my first review and always felt so amazing after I finished. I lost weight, I had more energy, and just felt healthier…but I went back to those old habits which then caused digestive disorders. My last SHED was 2 months ago and this time I listened to my body when I noticed issues after I reintroduced dairy products. I immediately quit dairy and have not had any since. I feel so much, better, but the added bonus is that I lost 8 pounds and have maintained that healthier weight. It was initially difficult, being a Wisconsin native, but Rachel gave me many dairy-free product suggestions that have been great substitutes. I love doing the SHED. Each time I learn new things and find it easier to maintain those healthy habits.


I have been working with Rachel for a few months and I have gained a tremendous amount of insight in self-awareness and creating goals for myself personally and professionally. Rachel is realistic in goal setting and holds you accountable as a mentor and a friend. I absolutely adore Rachel and will continue to use her as her support is endless. She is extremely knowledgeable with her practice and will go above and beyond for her clients. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve themselves in all aspects of health and wellness as well as career goals!


Want the most caring and constructive kick in the tush you’ll ever receive? Look no further than coaching with Rachel. She will partner with you in every way to dig deep and uncover what you really want out of life and devise realistic ways to support you in achieving it. I began my coaching journey with Rachel generally pleased with my life, feeling a little “meh,” and wanting to do something about it, but not really knowing where to start. Rachel met me where I was with compassion, and supported me in rewriting the scripts and thought patterns I’d come to believe about myself. In working with Rachel, I’ve discovered goals and dreams I was unable to recognize when I was ‘buying into’ the negative thoughts and as-sumptions I ascribed to myself. Most importantly, Rachel teaches the act of self-accountability. She’s no savior here, folks; she makes darn sure that I recognize the results I see in front of me are in direct correlation with the work I’ve done and will continue to do. Best of all, she does this with her signature humor and no-nonsense delivery, living the lesson that we should never work so hard that we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves while discovering who we’re truly meant to be. She is a true partner in life, and working with her has easily been the best decision I’ve made when I chose to begin actively investing in myself.


The coaches are phenomenal, and they go so far beyond nutrition to really help you make the changes you want to make to achieve your goals. I worked with Jo-lene for several months to understand myself and what my barriers and success factors truly were. Then I recently completed the 30-day SHED program with Rachel, and while my weight loss results exceeded my expectations, it’s the changes in my thought processes that are allowing me to continue to make progress. I have tried everything under the sun in the past (nutritionally speaking), but the answer is really all in your own brain and Rachel helped me conquer that.


Rachel is amazing! The work with her is beyond nutrition – it is thinking about your lifestyle and learning self-care. The steps that we have taken to improve my nutrition have been easier than I imagined and incremental so that I could take them on. Her connections to resources to support your journey are equally life changing and overall, she is just a lovely human. One of the best investments in myself I have made in a long time.


After having my second child I was struggling to get back into a healthy routine. I decided to take control and start training for triathlons. I quickly realized I needed help in figuring out how to fuel my body in order to get the most out of my training. That’s when I found Rachel, and she has been GREAT! She has been coaching me to find the right balance of nutrition to fit my needs. Rachel is readily available if I have any questions or concerns and has many options to keep me going. I am so happy I found her, she is an integral part of my journey to wellness


Radhika is the best! I came to her with many health concerns and very little confidence that I could change things in my life. I was at my breaking point and knew I needed professional help to turn my life around to be around for my family. She met with me to discuss all my concerns/needs and we started working together. She told me that something “magical” happens when people do this work, and she was 100% right! She helped me find resources to change my diet and my attitude. She was always patient with me when I asked the same question more than once and was ALWAYS available via text or email. Even when I feel like stopping the work or have had a few bad days, she is there to pick me up and remind me of why I am doing the work. She is a nutritionist, a life coach, a counselor and an amazing vault of information to help on this journey. I can’t say enough good things about her and the work we have done together.


Rachel was everything I didn’t know I needed. After years of doctors dismissing my concerns, I was still struggling with weight loss and felt no better. I knew I needed compassion and a holistic approach. Rachel is incredible. The combination of life coaching and nutrition therapy was amazing. I highly recommend her!


I’d been dealing with stomach issues for five years. My primary doctor couldn’t diagnose my issue. And I didn’t want just a food plan. I wanted a nutritionist who would stay engaged with me and look beyond physical symptoms. Jolene listened, investigated, respected my budget and offered natural, ratheer than antibiotic-based solutions.


I found Rachel and More Than Weight Loss + SHED at a hard time in my life. I had just gained a bunch of weight from inactivity and depression during COVID and was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. When everything felt out of control, this program and Rachel helped me gain back control and empowered me to take my health and happiness into my own hands. Thank you Rachel and team!


This woman has a lot to offer. I’m usually a pretty serious skeptic, but I’m buyin what she’s selling.


Thanks to Rachel I have the energy to keep up with my teenagers… actually, they have to keep up with me! Now I’m the one who is enthusiastic. And we are finally the family who rides our bikes to dinner!


I was so fed up with the weight I’d put on at my desk job and even more frustrated with the diets and hardcore exercise routines–none of which worked. Rachel tested all of my hormones and sensitivities and found a homeopathic way to restore my body with an eating plan that didn’t make me feel deprived and a natural and limited supplement plan that totally worked. I’ve lost not only weight, but baggage too. I feel like I can be my best self again.


“I have more good days than bad now!” This is what I recently told Rachel during one of our weekly sessions. I found Rachel and her team through an acquaintance. I was amazed my acquaintance’s journey so I decided to reach out for myself. I was at my wits end.


Rachel changed the way I set, pursue and achieve my goals. I needed that extra push and support- I am very happy I began working with her and the team!


I’ve been working with Leslie now for a few months and I’ve seen nothing but steady improvements. She is great at breaking down my bad habits and helping me build new, positive sustainable ones. Plus, her knowledge of health and nutrition is endless, which means she can always offer healthy alternatives to my past unhealthy cravings. When I hit a road block, Leslie is there to help me get past it.


Are you serious about changing your state of health ? Are you ready to hold yourself accountable for all actions in your life ? Then this place is for you. I have so much love for the ladies here. They really make me feel like I’m apart of a winning team, and they won’t stop until I achieve my mental/physical goals. Thank you guys again for everything you do!


I started working with Rachel for nutrition at the recommendation of a friend after getting fed up with the ton of weight that I’d put on since working at a desk job, and even more frustrated that the myriad of diets and hardcore exercise routines I was religiously following were doing nothing, and really just making me feel worse.